Following weeks of traveling across some of the most deserted Asian regions, finally the trip gets to the city full of life – Beijing. For the last twenty years the city has enjoyed an economic freedom that turned it to an international business meeting point. Here you can spend a week or two or maybe more. The food is tasty and cheap, and you can find a decent place to sleep at whatever price. Today there are more than 10 million people living here and the city’s development has been like a real explosion in the last five years. It became a capital 1000 years ago and in the year 1400 the Forbidden City was built as the residence of the Chinese emperors. The central district is divided in northern, southern, western and eastern parts with the Forbidden City and the emperor’s palace in the middle. The city plan reflects the Chinese perception of the world where the palace area symbolizes China as “Middle Kingdom” (or Central Kingdom). Other places that should not be missed are the Tiananmen (Heavenly Peace) Square, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, and of course one-day trips to the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs. From Beijing one can fly back home or continue exploring China and the region.

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KIN-1: Welcome package in Beijing (2 days)
Welcome package in Beijing including 2 full days sightseeing program with a guide. Day 1: Whole day tour to The Great Chinese Wall (70 km northwest) and one of the 13 Ming Tombs (50 km northwest). Day 2: Visit to the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace (12 km northwest). Acrobatic show in the evening.


KIN-2: 1-day tour in Xian (6-7 hours)
Whole day tour to the main highlights to the east of Xian: The Museum of Terracotta Army, Huaqing hot springs and Banpo-museum which represents a village from the Early Stone Age. The tour includes: English-speaking guide, transport from/to the accommodation in Xian and all entrance fees.

KIN-3: 1-day tour in Shanghai (6-7 hours)
The tour gives a general introduction to Shanghai where you see the well-known waterfront (“The Bund”) and visit a selection of the most interesting sights of this enormous city (The TV-tower “The Pearl of the Orient”; Jade-Buddha Temple; The Garden of Pleasure).

KIN-4: Yangtze-cruise – downstream (4 days)
A cruise down the Yangtze River (with start in Chongqing) on which you can see the most impressive part of the river with length 6380 m. Be aware that there might be change in the program depending on the water level.


KIN-5: Yangtze-cruise – up stream (5 days)
The cruise is the same as KIN-4 but in the opposite direction with start in Yichang. Be aware that there might be change in the program depending on the water level.

KIN-6: Welcome package in Lhasa (4 days)
Welcome package in Lhasa including two days full sightseeing program with guide, arrival and departure transfers. Day 1: Arrival in Lhasa by plane or train. Transfer to the hotel. Day 2: Sightseeing: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkor Market. Day 3: Sightseeing: Drepeng Monastery, Sera Monastery, Summer Palace, Norbulinka. Day 4: Departure from Lhasa by plane/train. Transfer from the hotel to the airport/train station.

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