The train crosses the bridge over  Kama River and arrives in the industrial city of Perm, situated at the foot of the Ural Mountains, also called the “gateway to Siberia”. Perm was earlier a closed city because of its arms industry. Today it is open, also for foreigners. The sights however are just a few: an art gallery with a large icon collection and a collection of carved wooden figures, a concert hall and the Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, as well as an 18th-century cathedral. The city however is a perfect starting point for hiking and rafting adventures in Ural Mountains.

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PEE-1: City tour and open air museum Khokhlovka (7hrs)
This city tour includes a visit to the Perm Art gallery which is one of the biggest in Russia and the Historical museum. You will never regret of visiting museum “Khohlovka” which is probably the most interesting and the most beautiful museum in the region.

PEE-2: Gulag camp “Perm-36” (8 hrs)
Kutchino, a small village 130 km east of Perm, was the site of the harshest imaginable Soviet prison (GULAG) camp during the long period of communist ruling: “PERM-36″.At “Perm-36″, you will get a complete insight of the history and the daily life of the political prisoners in the labour camp.

PEE-3: Kungur Ice cave and the Belogorsky monastery (11 hrs)
Kungur, the third and one of the oldest cities in the Perm province is famous for two things: its rich history as a wealthy trade (especially tea) town and its peculiar Kungur Ice Caves. Although caves are very common in the whole Ural Mountain area, none are so rich in history and are so well-known in Russia as the cave in the bowels of the Kungur Ice Mountain.

PEE-4: Grand City Tour in Perm (4-5 hrs)
The Grand city tour is a by car and on foot and it includes visit to the “Doctor Zhivago places”, the Art Gallery and the Historical Museum. Along the way you will pass by the so-called “Stalinist-style” palaces named after Lenin and Sverdlov; the Kamenskikh, Voznesensko-Feodosyevskaya and Petropavlovskaya churches and you will enjoy a walk in the Sibirskaya street – the Kama embankment.


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