Clients from all over the world have been booking their trips with us for over fourteen years and this section is a summary of all those years of experience. If its packing suggestions, links to more useful background information or a summary of those questions you just want a quick expert answer to, you’ll find them all here.

Do I need insurance? Do I need vaccinations?

We do require you to have Travel Insurance to take any of our trips. For rates please contact our reservations department. Which policy you purchase is your own choice. The Russian Consulate also requires you to have Travel Insurance to obtain a visa. No vaccinations are mandatory but you would be well advised to informed advice on this (not every GP may be as well informed on the latest developments in these locations. Particular concerns are Cholera,Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Tetanus and Diptheria. Tickborne encephalitis is a small risk on some Siberian trekking routes and there is a vaccine available. We also suggest you take a first aid kit, to include a sterile surgical kit.

Why does it seem expensive to make En-route stops?

A Trans-sib secret that no guidebooks seemed to have grasped goes like this ..non-stop international tickets are still priced accordingly to old bilateral agreements dating back to the Soviet era which cannot be broken , even now! But if you introduce stops into your trip these sectors are priced commercially by Russian Railways …so you only get the benefit of state subsidised journeys for part of your journey.

Can I stay extra nights?

In Moscow and St Petersburg, yes! But the train schedules on some of the less than frequent routes make altering the stays almost impossible – unless you stay for a considerable additional amount of time. Adding or removing a few days almost never works. We always include two nights in Moscow prior to your Trans-Siberian journey and two in St. Petersburg is the standard if you buy the St.Petersburg add-on but”there is stacks to see and I wish I had stayed longer!” is always the feedback we get.

How much spending money will I need?

This depends on what lifestyle you plan to pursue on your trip ! The Information Pack we provide will give you an idea of current costs . Eating and drinking are similar to most European cities, although Ulaanbaatar and Beijing have upscale versions if you have the cash to flash! When itineraries take you far from the shops or cafes we often include meals. Russian souvenirs tend to be fun and low priced so you will be able to stash your pack full of Russian goodies!

Family stays:

What should I expect? Some of our trips feature options staying with local families. Although sometimes this is for practical reasons (e.g no other kind of accommodation is available – Nomad stays in the Gobi for example) it also broadens the trip experience, two way interaction with the people and the places they live. We`re not promising luxury we`re promising a slice of real life! People who live in harsh climates and terrains are naturally gregarious, and you will learn and experience more with them than you could ever absorb in a month staying in a sterile Western style Hotel.

Special Diets:

Meat features strongly in the national cuisine of most of our destinations. As a team the Russia Experience employs several vegetarians and we have never starved! But for when you are off the train you must advise us prior to departure if you have anything more complicated than a lacto-vegetarian diet consider that in some remote places this could be an issue and stock up accordingly.

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